Are Sofar inverters any good? " Sofar so good". As far as reviews go, that's about all I can say to sum up this brand. It's relatively new (2018) to the Australian market, and suffered the indignity of being rapidly de-listed by the Clean Energy Council for failing a critical safety test. Solar Power Brisbane – Objective Solar Panels Review For Brisbane Residents. 12 November 2015. Welcome to the Brisbane Solar Information website. We attempt to offer impartial information on residential solar power installation in Brisbane, provide updates on the seemingly ever changing solar incentives offered at a State and Federal Government level and suggest. Capacity: 28 cu.ft. Door type: Side by Side. Color: Stainless Steel. 5 Shelves & each 1 drawer. Dimension:912 x 1780 x 851mm. DIT (energy saving + durability) Less wasted space, more room for food. 1461,60$ 1392,00$. Add to cart. 6. Delta. Delta is like the Volvo of the solar inverter industry because they are big and safe with a long and respected history. The inverter manufacturer, Delta Energy Systems is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group which designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial, medical, and consumer electronics.

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