Persian Poetry and Poets at FarsiNet,شعر فارسی و شاعران ايران, Farsi Poetry by Iranian Poets at FarsiNet,Famous Persian Poets like Saadi, Ferdowsi, Hafiz, Hafez, Mowlavi, Freydoun Moshiri, Khayyam, Rudaki, Shams Tabrizi, Baba Tahir Oryan, Aboo Saeed, Hafez, Malekol Shoara, Molavi. 13 Rumi Quotes to Remember Always. 1 - "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.". These words of Rumi were perhaps an expression of lament, brought on by the remnants of the Mongol Empire's conquest of his homeland. The Mongols were a brutal regime, often slaughtering opponents. Sufi poetry is delivered in song, music, written and spoken form in cultures across the world. The Persian poets Rumi, Hafiz, Abu Sa'id Abu-l-Khair, Farid al-Dun Attar, Iraqi are still as relevant today as they were when they were originally penned, speaking directly to the heart of the seekers and lovers everywhere.

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