Jan 30, 2021 · IDOC’S- Intermediate Document- Full Overview explanation for Consultants- SAP MM. IDOC’S- Intermediate Document: Basic Concepts to learn before learning Partner profile: · Concept : IDOC i... Consignment Procurement and Pipeline process in SAP MM. Consignment and Pipeline process in SAP MM For Videos Explanation, please go to YouTube and .... "/>

The main differences between Microservices and Monolithic Architecture: Microservices. Monolithic Architecture. The service startup is fast in Microservices. The service startup takes time as it is slow in Monolithic Architecture. It is a loosely coupled architecture. It is primarily a tightly coupled architecture. You would need to obtain the release strategy from the document, look into the customizing to find the release group and code for this strategy and finally look up the roles which have this combination of release group and code and to which user they are assigned. Sometimes I am asked to check which user is holding up the process. See full list on wiki Menu Path: SAP Menu -> Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Order -> Subsequent functions -> Outbound Delivery; Create Picking Request: - Below process is to create picking request for the outbound delivery 80016768 - Step-1: Enter the transaction code LT03 in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue me.

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