2 days ago · Here, players will be able to choose an additional visual setting on their compatible PC monitors and TVs. According to the firm, once a player’s device supports a 1440p, one can experience native 1440p output on their display. New PS5 system software beta introduces 1440p support. Also. – gamelists (organizing your games) – new social .... I'm assuming it's because the HDMI forum spec doesn't include support for VRR on 1440p. Only thing they need to add now is Freesync support so hdmi 2.0 and hdmi 1.4 monitors can utilize VRR. I am sure that person with the nickname 1440pPS5 is going to be happy. Are you interested in using a PS5 on a gaming monitor? If you are, then this video is for you! While setup is pretty simple, there are some concerning things. Jan 30, 2022. #504. RydarGaf said: Sony wants gamers to buy their TVs. That's the main reason we don't have vrr support on PS5 Yet, and the likly culprit of why 1440p support may never come to PS5. It's a conflict interest and a dirty anti-consumer tactic by Sony. Seriously considering selling my PS5 for a Series X.

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