2010/07/30 [Muscle] T=1 Guard Time PPS Drasko DRASKOVIC 2010/07/29 RE: [Muscle] 64bit portability and header tidy up Roger Brown 2010/07/29 Re: [Muscle] 64bit portability and header tidy up Douglas E. Engert. ISO7816-3, Transmission protocol supported: T=0, T=1, PPS speed: Up to 447 kbps. ISO7816-3, Transmission protocol: T=0, T=1, PPS speed: Up to 447 kbps. ISO14443 Type A with CRYPTO1, Double/Single UID PPS speed up to: 848kbps. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates and new information by email. PPS - your specialist for plastic card printing, encoding and personalisation of RFID cards, chip cards, gift cards, voucher cards, membership cards, customer cards and lettershop services. ... The size and the position of the chip is normed in ISO 7816. For chipcards you need a reading device where the card needs to be inserted. For that.

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