Ghép sim thủ công IMSI iPhone 7Plus Lock Us Criket iOS 15.5 bằng ProNew 1.7 Sóng 4G vivu : Bước 1: Kiểm tra hoặc check tính phí ra nhà mạng iPhone Lock Carrier. Bước 2: vào trang Wed tìm mã IMSI đúng nhà mạng Lock. Rồi nhập. IMEI Number Check. Check IMEI/SN find out All Info about your Device, including Blacklist, SimLock, Model, Warranty for FREE. All Devices supported, including Apple, iPhone, Huawei and Samsung. Like. MCC MNC Network Operator or brand name Status; 412: 1 : Afghan Wireless Communication Company: AWCC: Operational: 412: 20 : Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd. Carrier code: iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S 7 Digits IMSI For All World Operators Carrier Code. Country / Region. Operators. Carrier code 1. Carrier code 2 美国(USA) AT&T2 3104101 Sprint: 5S/5C 3101201 ... Cricket 2040400 3100900 日本(Japan) AU 4540492/4540492 iphone5 4405014 SoftBank 4402081/4402011 SofbankGre.

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