Diner Survey Results 10 responses. "The food is outrageous! and the service forgetaboutit!!! You can't miss here. The best sub you will find in all of South Florida". "The BEST ITALIAN Deli in Florida! :) :) :) : ) :) Delicious subs and Awesome service!" "Excellent food!" "Fresh food w excellent Italian bread and delicious homemade soups. Tony's Italian Beef, 7007 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, Illinois 60629, United States. Contact Number of the Restaurant- (773) 2846787. 2. Al's Beef. Al's Beef is a Chicago based food chain that is highly popular for its hotdogs and Chicago Italian Beef sandwiches. Hot Premium Sandwiches. Choose from our selection of Premium Sandwiches warmed & toasted to perfection. You won't find anyone else in the area making Reubens, Philly's or a Pastrami Sandwich near me. Especially not all three and even more importantly not nearly as good!.

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